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What is a Closed Loop Extractor? 

Sanitary pumps are used in the food, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries to transport liquids and liquid–solids. This chapter provides a guide to sanitary pump selection and use. “Sanitary” means that the pump is cleanable. Sanitation standards for pumps are reviewed. Four classes of sanitary pumps are described and a decision tree for selecting the best class for a given application is introduced. Five application requirements needed for pump selection are outlined: process requirements, product properties, operational requirements, cost, and safety. Installation details and cleaning processes for pump s are assessed.

Sanitary pumps used in high-purity applications such as pharmaceutical processing and biotechnology typically require a level of design that is higher than in most other processing industries. The pumps not only need to transfer product efficiently, but they must also meet strict design and cleanability requirements mandated by the many organizations that establish standards for ultra-clean processing!

The first big question when selecting a pump is: ‘What type of pump do I need?’ To answer that, it helps to understand a little about pump design and consider the various pump styles that are available to fit your application.

Each of these categories is distinguished by the mechanics of how they transfer fluids. Pumps in both categories have advantages and disadvantages depending on your high-purity requirements, and both have the necessary hygienic features suitable for high-purity processing. This article will outline the following sanitary pumps for commonly used high-purity applications.


Liquid Ring

Rotary Lobe



Eccentric Disc

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