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An experimental study has been carried out to determine the strength and behaviour of bamboo-reinforced concrete wood texture cement wall panel under one-way in-plane action. Three full-scale bamboo-reinforced concrete wall panels were tested to fail under a uniformly distributed load applied at an eccentricity of t/6. Slenderness ratio of all wall panels was kept constant as 25 with varying aspect ratio and thinness ratio. The influence of aspect ratio and thinness ratio on the ultimate strength and behaviour of wall panel was studied. The aspect ratio of wall panels considered includes 1, 1.204 and 1.515, and thinness ratio of wall panels includes 16.5, 20.75 and 25. Based on the study, an empirical equation for predicting the ultimate load of bamboo-reinforced concrete wall panel was proposed.

The effect of the earthquake resulted in the destruction of infrastructure, especially residential buildings. The construction of decent housing with an adequate level of security is a demand. Generally, the most severe damage when an earthquake occurs is wall collapse of the houses. The precast panel wall is an alternative solution in answering the needs of post-earthquake housing development, because of the fast construction time and high calculation accuracy. The behavior of structural precast concrete split rock surface wall panels designed improperly instead of following the standard or regulations will likely encounter a poor performance during an earthquake compared to those designed in accordance with the standards. The purpose of the present study is to compile the findings from previous studies of precast concrete panel walls, especially their performances in handling earthquake load. It reveals that the stability, especially in ductility, affects the performance of precast concrete panel walls. In this study, the walls of precast concrete panels are made in half scale and given dynamic loads to simulate earthquake forces. This review is expected to provide guideline of similar subsequent research.

It’s no wonder demand for precast is rising, especially considering the numerous benefits structural precast panels offer — from quick installation to fire resistance.

1. Thermal insulation

All elements of a well-engineered structural precast panel work together to provide a high level of insulation. Manufacturers often use a combination of concrete and EPS foam that maximizes the foam in the concrete piece, increasing insulation capabilities. A building constructed of structural precast panels may reduce energy consumption by as much as 30%.

2. Sustainable materials

Quite simply, a building made with structural precast panels will consume less energy, but an idea that should be at the heart of any sustainability conversation is product life. The use of concrete dates back to Roman times and its durability is still on display all across Europe. That raw, ancient building material has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. Many of the materials used in precast concrete are, as a rule, locally sourced, including the cement, the coarse and fine aggregates, and the steel.

3. Long-term viability and flexibility

Structural precast allows for a very modular building envelope. As business requirements change and needs evolve, an existing precast building has the flexibility to be expanded and modified. With structural precast concrete panels, you can add or remove pedestrian doors and dock doors, incorporate daylighting options, and even remove 75% of a wall. And due to its modular design, total repurposing of a precast building is entirely possible; churches can become car dealerships, warehouses can become micro-breweries… the options are only limited by a property owner’s imagination.

4. Quick installation

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