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Building efficiency begins with lighting design and controls in step with the space

At the surface level, lighting is the application of light to spaces and simply serves as a prerequisite for visualization. However, because our impression of a space happens via sight, commercial lighting not only becomes a necessity for vision but a medium for perception. This means the type of lighting fixtures selected, in what location they are installed, and at what light levels they are set can drastically impact people’s perception of a building and the work being done within it.

At this point in LED technology development, there is no shortage of literature on the many benefits of LED highbay light. Objectives of LED lighting increasing comfort in spaces, boosting morale, and reducing energy waste have been well documented and the evidence in favor of LED solutions over outdated fixture types is overwhelming. With the maturity of the LED market and reduction in product costs that aid in generating competitive return on investment (ROI), there is no argument against the investment. However, a successful LED lighting project lies at the intersection of design, product selection, and the fundamental client necessity for light in a space. The lighting designer/specifier or installer needs to clearly align the objectives and the value of each criterion considered for the space in collaboration with the facilities manager or building owner.

Designing solutions to fit the space

At the core of every lighting project is the solutions design. True to the title, LED panel light design is the process of delivering the necessary lighting to an area, but to better expatiate on the importance of the job, it is important to differentiate between the commodity of “light” versus the asset of “lighting.” Lighting is an investment that can be very advantageous to an organization and should be carefully considered. Every project starts with a conversation about necessity.

For example, fixtures with low color temperatures, which are considered warm and relaxing, may be specified for homes and restaurants where the goal is to feel at ease and there is generally no reason to be on high alert. The same fixtures would not be suitable for a commercial and industrial (C&I) environment since the effect from the lights would be counterproductive. Instead, the fixtures in C&I settings are often designed with high color temperatures that can increase awareness and energize. These spaces rely heavily on visibility in order to perform high-precision manufacturing tasks. LED flood light in spaces in which people are expected to concentrate for long periods of time, such as classrooms and offices, are typically designed to have a neutral color temperature so as not to be over- or under-stimulating.

Controls are paramount when discussing LED canopy light design and product selection. Lighting controls are integrated, programmable systems that allow fixtures to deliver the correct levels of light at the correct time to best maximize efficiency. They can practically be broken down into levels that allow options for managing lighting systems.

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