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Carrybags has become a more convenient way to carry daily necessities and for packaging in small quantities. The well-known form of such bags is in the form of plastic bags. Despite of all known hazards of plastic pollution, it’s prevalent and pervasive in India. Plastic bags are one of the worst and most unnecessary plastic polluters of the earth. Plastic bags are used on a large scale by retailers for a simple reason that plastic bags are much cheaper than paper, cloth or other eco-friendly bags. This paper presents the designing and development of asystem to automate the procedure of paper bags production so as to make its production cost comparable to plastic bags and inherently increase its production rate so as to fulfill the ever increasing demand. We have used micro-controller based design approach which has kept the cost of the system significantly low as compared to PLC based designs and have automated the manufacturing process.

We need small size bags every day for various purposes like grocery, fruits, and vegetables. We use plastic bags for such purposes. Plastic shopping bags have a surprisingly significant environmental impact for something so seemingly innocuous. Plastic shopping bags kill large numbers of wildlife each year. One of the most dramatic impacts is on marine life.So to avoid above harmful effects of Plastic Bags, viable alternative is required which is Paper Bag. Actually, Paper Bag is being used but in very small scale. Conventional Paper Bags requirespecial paper which increases the overall cost of the Paper Bag. This is the main cause due to which use of Paper Bag is less. Also initial investment cost is very much in conventional paper bag making machine. So it cannot be used for small scale production.All these problems are eliminated in the presented machine. Amachine whose initial cost is less, which does not require any special paper, which can be used for small scale production, is developed. Thismachine willhelp a poor family to earn money through small scale production of paper bags.

Paper bags have been gaining popularity since then plastic bags have been banned in various countries and cities. The product is made in two ways; traditionally, i.e. manual which is a manual or technical means i.e. with the help of automated equipment. The second method is much larger. In other words, it requires less workers and more money to buy land and equipment. Based on the core business of nonwoven bag making machine Manufacturers, the machine has 2 different output capabilities with good finish and seamless quality.

Amazing Benefits of Using a Paper Bag Production Machine: -

Excellent Quality: The great advantage of producing a paper bag from an automated machine is the excellent quality one can achieve throughout the production process. When we make paper bags in traditional ways, the quality of the product does not always match the whole production process. It is difficult to maintain the same level of quality per unit. Machine paper bags offer the same quality and precision each time.

Save on Work Expenditure: The introduction of an automated production process machine including slitting machine has reduced the need for workers in the paper industry. One only needs to change the paper roll and collect the finished product after the production process is completed. This saves unnecessary costs on jobs and you can invest in machinery and land instead of workers. Too much machinery and land can lead to a double standard of business production at the same time.

Distributed Production Level: Quality and fast production are two of the most important factors in any production process and automated production for the purpose of the product satisfies both of these factors while improving the quality of production. Save real time financially and increase your productivity compared to handmade methods. You can actually upgrade your product over time.

Energy Saving: An automated machine saves human energy and helps increase productivity. Both man and machine have different working powers. The machine can work more efficiently than man and requires fewer working breaks than man. You can have a good level of mechanical production. The machine can double your production rate at the same time. However, one can only increase the product because everyone has a different working capacity.

Paper bags are gaining importance as these bags are 100% reusable, recyclable and biodegradable and at the same time environment friendly and pose less threat to wildlife. it requires less energy for paper bags to be recycled than plastic bags. Paper bags have come a long way since their beginnings in the mid-eighteenth century when some paper bag manufacturers started developing paper bags that are more hardy and long lasting. The paper bags are generally box-shaped in design that allows them to stand upright and hold more goods. Corporates are using paper bags for promotions, seminars, product packaging and branding purposes.

By selecting high quality paper bag manufacturer can deliver recycled brown color paper bags in big and small quantities, regular and premium paper bags which add a professional touch that consumers love and appreciate. Besides, you can add your own custom brand to any paper bag to promote your business. Read on to discover the importance of paper bags.

1. Plastic bags cause environmental damage such as increase the level of air pollution. Plastic bags not only have adverse effects on our natural habitats, death of many animals. Plastic bags are not renewable and you need UV rays to destroy it, which is harmful for environment.Paper bags on the other hand are environment friendly and can be recycled.

2. Paper bags are usually made from wood. So, these bags can be produced into a new paper like newspapers, magazines or books. Waste papers are also biodegradable so they can be easily degenerate and do not pile up on dump sites.

3. You can also buy them at a very cheap price particularly if they are bought wholesale.

4. Possessing a paper bag is practical and you can use them to bring your groceries and the premium quality paper bags can be used as paper gift bags.

5. Most people nowadays prefer using paper bags because they are easy to carry, neat and can hold lot of items. It adds to your status symbol as they can be embossed and grained to enhance the look.

6. Paper bags are usually used extensively in malls and exhibitions for delivering over the counter products as research shows that paper bags contain at least 35% recycled material.

7. Corporates are nowadays using paper bags for promotions, seminars, product packaging, and branding purposes as they are competitively priced.

8. Paper bag manufacturers can help you to decide the right size and type of paper bags as per your project, budget and quantity.

9. You can choose paper bags with special properties that will seal the freshness and give an aesthetic look to your brand as offset and screen printing is possible.

10. When your product is properly packaged with premium quality paper bags, you can attract more customers which will help in promoting your brand to the targetaudience.

So, if you are ecofriendly and at the same time want to be ahead of your competitors, start using paper bags.

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