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If you want to buy an ice cream food trailer for sale, you've found the right place! There are so many different models to choose from. We can custom ice cream trailer per your budget, idea and requirements. We sincerely suggest you look through all the ice cream trailers &trucks we built to get ideas. You will find pictures, drawings and equipments list.

All kinds of cooking equipments can be installed, such as griddle, steamer, fryers, stainless steel store cabinet, water sinks, grill, hot dog machine, sugar cane juicer, fridge etc. Two or three people can stand inside for cooking.
The basic equipments including: (1) Signal lights (2) Water sinks; (3) Fresh&waste water tank; (4) Electric sockets; (5) Non-slip aluminum floor; (6) Inside top light.
Thees are some pictures of optional equipments which can be fitted in the ice cream food trailer, just for your reference:

Since 2005, Vanstar(our factory) has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of ice cream food trailers and trucks. We have extensive experience in the industry and enjoy a certain reputation in China and oversea. We pay great attention to every detail of the product. From the sheet metal process, painting, to the installation of internal kitchen equipment, and the test before leaving the factory, each stage is strictly controlled. .Therefore, we have many repeat customers, involving shopping malls, hotels, food courts, tourist areas, schools, gas stations and other places.

Square Food Trailer for sale

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