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V-sign Industrial is a professional and real manufacturer of rapid full automatic aluminum spiral door and PVC rolling up door,zipper door,anti-collision door,self-repairing door,telescopic door, stack door,cold room door, scaffold materials,etc.
Since 2008, V-sign has two companies in China,V-Sign Industrial Corporation Limited and V-sign Metal Products Co.,Ltd. Basic factory locates in Henghua Tech.K-park of Wuxi city Jiangsu province which nears Shanghai sea port & air port, through many years of development, company has grown into an all-round enterprise, integrating scientific research, production and management together.
鈽哋ur Product
High speed Aluminum spiral door,
High speed PVC rolling up door,
High speed PVC zipper door
High speed PVC self-repairing door
High speed PVC anti-collision door
High speed PVC telescopic door
High speed PVC stack door
High speed PVC pile-up door
High speed cold storage door
High speed cold room door
Garage door
Scaffolding net
Scaffolding clamp
鈽哖roduct Application
Garage, parking lots, factory, plant, clean-roon, pharmaceutical factory, logistic area, supermarkets etc.
鈽哋ur Certificate
ISO9001:2015 certificate,CE certificate,Fire rating certificate etc.
鈽哖roduction Equipment
Bend machine,laser cutting machine, pressed machine,painting machine,panel production machine, curtain cutting Automatic machine
鈽哖roduction Market
Germany, Italy ,Malaysia, Nigeria,India, France, Mexico, USA,EURO, mid-east,Qatar, Willemstad,Russia etc, above 5million per year.
鈽哋ur Service
Motor guaranteed 2years after salesBuy PVC Anti Collision Fast Door

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