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Click system strand woven bamboo flooring which is compressed with two times Density to normal traditional hardwood, refer to the Janka Hardness test.
Click system patent controlled, gives a nontoxic and sustainable products, offers various stain color of beauty, plus the durability and long lasting.
Click system strand woven bamboo flooring is the products has the lift time not more than 15 years, still belongs to new material in the market and not too much international standards on the market to follow. We are the members to the drafter of the controller standard in China. And still keep moving on the research and test on our strand woven bamboo flooring for more positive position of the strand woven flooring.ss

Dimensions: 1000 x 127 x 15mm
Color: Natural color; Custom Stain
Finishes: UV; WOCA Oil; OSMO Oil / Lacquer
CharacterHard-wearing finishNatural oil surface that allows the wood to breatheUltra low VOC
IngredientsPerformance- optimised arylic resinSolvent basedWater based polyurethane
how it worksHigh-grade, UV- cured acrylic resins coat the bamboo with 40-50 um thick protective varnishIt penetrates deep into bamboo and protects the floor from dirt and from drying out. The product can breathe and retains its natural look and feel.With high chemical resistance used to achieve the look of natural raw bamboo
鈼?100% solid bamboo
鈼?Density: 卤680 kg/m3
鈼?Janka hardness: 1,380 lbf
鈼?FCS Certified available on request--FSC Certificate Code: BV-COC-135631
Packing & Loading DataStrand Woven Bamboo Flooring in stock

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